Movidito Movidito (EN)

Version auf Deutsch / Versión en castellano

The play Movidito Movidito is an intercultural theatre production, which narrates through the life of Eleonora, the daughter of immigrants in Córdoba, Argentina, the story of how a new musical genre the “Cuarteto Cordobés” was born. This is a musical genre that has not only influenced cultural processes but also political, economical and social movements in Córdoba. Besides being the result of the fusion of the heterogeneity of the cultural settlement, this genre brought together the local population in Argentina with the immigrants who were forced to leave their countries of origin in Europe, due to the economic crisis, and decided to seek for new opportunities in Latin America.

The Cuarteto Cordobés has its roots in the celebrations organized by immigrants who arrived to Argentina between 1920 and 1940, who had no language, beliefs or religion in common, and the only thing that united them was the wish for a better future for them and their children. It is then, that through music and dancing they start to recognize themselves as children of a young country. The Cuarteto Cordobés comes from the fusion of various music genres brought by the immigrants and from the different cultural groups they belonged to. Music and Lyrics are accompanied by nostalgia, frustration, fears they carried from their land of origin, but also with hope for a better life, and the energy to build a new country.

Actress: Tanja Watoro
Musicians: Gabriel Beltrame – Maki Freites – Jorge Peralta – Alvaro Recabarren
Script, Director & Lights: María Luisa Stille
Translation, Stage Design, Costume Design & Assistant Director: Leonore Lukschy
Composition: Manuel Funes
Musical arrangements: Federico Díaz & Pablo Woizinski
Graphic Design: Lila de la Vega
Photography: Melani Erbar
Production: Kunstrial e. V.