Kunstrial Culture


To make culture accessible to everyone also means to ensure the development of cultural manifestations that strengthen the collective memory of every social group. 

Culture development comprehends, among other things, the access to art and the propagation of certain traditions, but also comprehends the processes which protect everything that has value for a community.

There are no closed cultures: societies change and because of that, the systems of codes and signals are in constant transformation and evolving with the society. Therefore, the recognition of diversity is essential for the cultural development. The right oh belonging to a spécific culture, the consolidation of cultural sustainable projects, the socio-cultural awareness as an essential axis for integration and reciprocal influences between cultures, are among others, aspects that can turn culture into an instrument of development and social inclusion.

With this in mind, Kunstrial opens spaces for social interaction where diversity is acknowledge as a cultural value of every community or social group.

Kunstrial Culture was created to encourage creativity and individual expression as well as collective expression as a way to social inclusion. Through participative cultural projects, we aim to promote local development.

We believe that the democratization of culture is the key axis to development, therefore we facilitate access to art and culture but also, we seek that every person participates actively in artistic and cultural processes.

We highlight the importance of a participative approach in the local framework, so we promote projects aimed for specific communities and under their own needs and aspirations.

Our objective is to promote projects that seek: