According to its objective of promoting and developing cultural projects Kunstrial, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture of Colombia, the Goethe Institut Bogotá, the Foundation for the disclosure of the Arts El Vulgar and Artillería Pesada theater company, put their efforts together to produce Waldemarwolf, from German playwrighter Michel Dekar, under the direction of Laura Jimenez.

The work shows differences but especially common ground between cultures, more exactly, the concerns of young European and Latin Americans, contributing to the enrichment of the audience.

The author, born in Augsburg, studied Germanic and History at the LMU Munich and since 2010 Writing of the Performing Arts in the UDK Berlin. Michael Dekar will visit the city of Bogota and will offer workshops and talks in connection with his work in German contemporary theater.

The director, graduated from the Colombian Academy for High Performing Arts in Bogotá (ASAB), presents this adaptation enriched after her experience and involvement in theater plays in Germany, offering a new language and cultural complement to make this project completely multicultural and understanding of the complexity of human nature.




After his parents’ death, Cornelius decided to move from the country to the city, to learn, or at least to live. No time to think about work, with so many new and amazing things the young man dreamer has to face now. Most of all with the beautiful and eccentric Mine, who feels as uncomfortable with her own reality as he does. And Boy Hornbach is needlessly there too, as the worst best friend, questionable artist and eternal antipode. The fact that Mina accidentally wakes up every morning in the bed of Boy Hornbach, only intensifies Cornelius’ impression that things in this world are pretty complicated and not always fair. The fishes from the deep sea, who draw their endless circles in the aquarium, are there out of a weird persistence.

He named the sea bass Waldemar, even though it seems to Cornelius to be an inappropriate name for a fish. The determined Miss Schneider, young veterinary who is on a quick visit at the big city, has the constant need to avenge all injustice committed to her Cornelius, and to put the situation straight, with a couple of drastic measures. Although that also means taking the hero back to her homeland (who is actually unable to hurt any fish and helplessly splashes through life), and prescribing him with a solid life.